Sunday, 25 March 2012

New Release - Melodies & Memories

I wanted to compile this double album capturing my melodies over the last 18 years with New World Music. I have always lived and breathed music and, to me, it's the only language that can express human emotion at the deepest level. Whether listening, composing or performing, it has the most sensitive and beautiful power of uplifting and healing the tired soul in all of us. It speaks both the joy in our hearts and the anguish we suffer in this roller coaster of life. Music is, and always has been, part of my personality and I have never lost the longing to spread it's beauty and communicate with others it's supernatural astounding power. To release the exploding flurry of ideas and extreme emotion that live with me, to expose the revelation that can picture every thought in the brain and every feeling in the heart and soul. It is this longing and hunger that has kept me in an industry that is, in the main, so bitterly unfair, favouring soul-less manufactured product which deceives the world and now denies it of the true art that helped us through life. TV kareoke, a cash register as a bottom line, fake and mimed scenarios and mass greed for fame and overnight sensationalism have all robbed us of the most instinctive force in human beings. Thankfully for me, my bottom line is not triggered in these ways, or I would have left the business many many years ago. Mozart, Chopin, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Dire Straits, Queen etc are all a thing of the past, yet composers are still being born today, just with no oxygen to allow them to breathe, and most will be trodden into the ground and never heard. I don't think that my heart will ever allow me to give up the fight for what I know is right. The other main reason I am still here is the generosity and kindness of the people that write to me saying that the music made their life better. This means more to me than anything.
Rather than me go into detail about my tracks on Melodies and Meditations, I would be honoured if people will simply listen and decide whether the words that I have written above ring true for them, and if they can feel what I am communicating. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening and thanks for the lovely letters you send to me. Stuart x

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